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packing and unpacking
you probably own more than you think

It is true that Mahatma Gandhi owned little more than his rice bowl and a pair of sandals. He did, however, have an entire retinue of people following behind to take care of all the details.

Most of us, though, have acquired a considerable number of earthly possessions which we care about and treasure. We have shelves of books and photo albums, closets full of clothing, computer ware and paper files, tapes CD's and DVD's, loads of kitchen gadgets and appliances, china and linens, collectibles and crystal, basements and attics full of memorabilia, garages with gardening gear and hand tools.

While you may not have everything on this list, the chances are that you have a lot more than you think. Moving is going to require you to handle everything, make a decision about it, put it in a box, move it, unpack it, and find a place to put it in your new home.

Family Packers can help reduce the stress of moving and help to insure that everything arrives safely in your new home.
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