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Who We Are
Johanna Luther and Janna Luther

My mother, Johanna, wears many hats. Friends know that they can come to her for help, for organizing an event, throwing a party, or moving to a new home. She is great at keeping track of details and has always been an organizer.

She attended Chicago's Goodman Theatre School and then worked for several years as road manager for a traveling repertory theatre.

When pregnant with me, she taught herself natural childbirth techniques from a library book. Later she set-up her own Lamaze training course for other expectant couples.

In 1977 she and her husband began creating independent video programs. They have produced two series for PBS television, How Then Shall We Live? and Reaching Out.

In 1994 Johanna and I founded Family Packers, fulfilling our dream of running a family business together. Her happiest hours are those spent playing with the youngest members of our family, my nephews Spencer and Desmond.

My daughter, Janna, is a first class organizer. She takes on the challenge of bringing order out of chaos with zest and enthusiasm. Early training in backstage theatre arts helped her develop spatial relation and design skills. Later, she spent two years working as a carpenters apprentice where she learned household construction from the ground up.

Janna has always been the friend who people called on for help when a move was pending or when they needed to set up their new home or workspace. It was a natural next step for her to apply her skills and experience to the co-creation of this business of providing packing and unpacking services to people throughout the Bay Area.

Janna lives in Berkeley where she leads a very busy life engaged with family and friends. Her free time is spent with Gomez, her cat, working in their year-round organic flower and vegetable garden.

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