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 "Family Packers approach their work with a zest for life. They maintained a positive attitude throughout the work which is of an unusually high caliber."
S.R. Robinson
Business Consultant, Rohnert Park CA

"Johanna and Janna are wonderful. They understood our need to quickly set up our new home, and did a fabulous job arranging everything in an organized and logical manner."
The Davis Family
Danville CA

"Most people struggle through packing for a week or more, hunting up boxes, trying to get friends to help. You packed a mountain of stuff in two days and were extremely fast, unbelievably efficient, and wonderfully neat. I cannot recommend you enough."
Charlotte Ann Brown
Writer, San Francisco CA

"I was astonished to see how carefully they had packed all my breakable materials. They really know their business and I could not have done the kind of work they accomplished."
Ruth Rosen
Professor of History: UC Davis, Berkeley CA

"Your time, intelligence and expertise have helped to make this seemingly impossible task possible."
Anacaria Myrrha
Professional Organizer, San Rafael CA

"Family Packers did a great job. I'm telling all my friends about them "
Val Mickels
'Books R Us,' Walnut Creek CA

"I could never have done this without Family Packers"
Barbara Green
Psychotherapist, Berkeley CA

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